New Vixion (FZ 150i ) : White Orange, Refreshing my mind.

No Sporty decal on this post. ADB will share Striping New Vixion fresh design, not sporty, but purely Fresh.

Color is white domination and orange, a little black accents. Why orange color chosen .. ?? its refreshing my mind Bro. Actually there is one kind of another orange striping design in addition to this. His name is still quite english typical manufacturer. Where there are no manufacturers now use Indonesian named color. Nothing. Its Blue Splash. Blue is Fresh, know the meaning of splash? More Fresh makes it even more. .but it can’t post here right now.


If you are observant, there are different other than this NVL striping. Now, please Look  carefully at the picture, find what is no longer distinct. Hope can inspire. (ADB)